How to Avoid Homesickness

For many people when they think of college they also think of the possibility of homesickness. Now nobody wants to experience homesickness, because it has a way of ruining your day or time at college. Yet “about 35 percent of first-year college students estimated to experience some form of homesickness.”(college bound) With that statistic you would think that someone would have come up with a better way for college students to deal with homesickness. But unfortunately nobody has and it is becoming a bigger problem in freshmen when they go off to college. So in this post I will try to show you what some of the side effects are when it comes to homesickness, how you can deal with it or combat it, and to show you that it gets better after time.

  1. What are the side effects of homesickness.
As I suffered from homesickness my freshmen year I am sure that many other people did and that many freshmen will. But if you don’t know if you have homesickness or want to know how to tell if you do here are some of the side effects.
  • Constantly thinking about home
  • Anxiety
  • Decreased motivation
  • Feeling different from others who seem to be having a good time
  • Irritability
  • Loneliness
  • Missing the people, things, and places associated with home
  • A negative outlook
  • Sadness
  • Social withdrawal
  • Wishing for a connection with someone who will make everything feel better

(Everyday Health)

Many of the symptoms may seem closely related to depression but are different.

2. Reasons for homesickness

Like I said earlier many people if not everyone suffer from homesickness at some point in their college careers. But this most commonly happens during peoples freshmen years. Many of the people who suffer from homesickness suffer for many reasons.

  • A new location

For many people when you come to a new place it can be exciting at first but after a few weeks it can lose the excitement factor. When you move to a new location you may have many new things to try but after a while if you aren’t making friends or going out and doing things after classes you may find yourself feeling homesick.

  • Missing family and friends

For many people when it comes to a new location you are no longer close to your family or friends. This can be hard because if you are like me you grew up and went to school with your friends for twelve years. So it can be hard at first not seeing them all the time like you did in high school. The same thing happens when it comes to your family because you grew up with them and lived with them all of your life so not seeing them can be hard.

  • Not fitting in or being able to make new friends

When you first come to college it can be hard to start fresh in a new place. Coming from a place were you knew everyone to a place that you know no one can be a difficult transition.  For some people it is difficult to find those people that you like and that you want to hang out with.

3. How to deal with homesickness

If you have homesickness it can seem hard to get over it. But there are many ways for people to deal with homesickness.

  • going out and being social

Sometimes that may seem like the hardest thing to do but all you have to do is go out and be yourself. Making new friends is the best way to deal with homesickness because you won’t feel so lost when you have people to spend time with.

  • Keep yourself busy

If you keep yourself busy you wont feel homesick. Keep busy by joining campus groups or clubs. Or even try to go to things with your roommate. If you stay busy you wont have the time to notice that you are homesick.

These are just a few ways for you to try and deal with homesickness, but there are many more options that I did not mention.

4. With time it will get easier

As you get yourself out in the world and start to make friends you will have less feelings of homesickness. With time you may start to feel that school feels more like home to you then were you grew up because home is were you are happy. If you are making memories with friends at school then you will be happy and your “home” may change.

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